Read the amazing things our residents and families are saying about Windsor Gardens Los Angeles!

“At a time when your loved one is not well, you want to be sure that they are getting the BEST CARE! My Mother has been under the care of the Doctor and Staff and Windsor Gardens and I am so happy with the care. Christina has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure my Mother is comfortable and has EVERYTHING SHE NEEDS! I will be forever thankful!” – Crystal F.

“This facility has been totally outstanding with the level of care that they have provided to my uncle. The physical therapy has been incredible with educating the family how to properly care for my uncle. If you are local, I would highly recommend this facility.” – Everett B.

“My 72-year-old father’s experience was very good. He had his own room, which undoubtedly made a difference. During my many visits, the staff was very attentive and helpful answering any questions I had. That’s comforting. By far the best thing about the place is the director, Christina B. She is always…and I mean always, reachable by phone to address any issues that come up or to help with after care concerns, etc. She encourages people to call her on her cell, which is crazy cool. Overall the place is good. Worth considering most definitely.” – Miori F.

“My family and I are very thankful for Windsor Gardens. As any family would go through, I was extremely apprehensive in taking Mom in any convalescent home. Well, I was proven wrong…. Mom has been here for almost a month and does not want to leave…. (lol) All she talks about is how the staff is so attentive, how well she is being cared for and her physical progress is so much better from Day 1. Windsor Gardens Administrators, Christina and Nathan run an excellent facility, staff and making their patients a priority. I do want to “personally” acknowledge Savannah, Maria, Heidi, Dawn, Patty, Carolyn, Myrna and Jessie. They ALL continuously treat my Mom with care and have tons of patience with me and my siblings. Thank you Windsor Gardens !!!!” – Angie D.

“Love everyone at Windsor Garden!. My dad and my family had such a great support and care at Windsor Gardens. The entire staffs is compassionate, well trained, diligent, and medical professionals!!” – Jessica C.